Exhibition Books

Adolf Cluss, Architect, From Germany to America, edited by Alan Lessoff and Christof Mauch, 2005. (German and English editions)

A meeting of Team Cluss in Heilbronn.                      Rear: Bill Gilcher, Goethe-Institut-Washington; Dr. Christhard Schrenk, Director, 

 Stadtarchiv-Heilbronn; Joe Browne, Washington Director;  Peter Wanner,  Heilbronn Director.  Front: Laura Schiavo, Washington exhibition curator; Sabina Dugan and Cynthia Field, Smithsonian Institution.

Bill Gilcher and Joe Browne from Washingon's Team Cluss assist Mayor Himmelsbach (left) in dedicating the Adolf Cluss Bridge, November, 2006.

Exhibitions in Washington and Heilbronn

Both exhibitions opened in September 2005. Take a virtual tour of the Washington exhibition here:

See also views of the exhibition in Heilbronn, Germany.

Stories of Maryland and Washington DC History

Adolf Cluss Projec

I was the director of Washington, D.C.'s Cluss Project, a collaborative, international effort. 

Sponsoring organizations in Washington:

  • ​Charles Sumner School Museum and Archives
  • German Historical Institute-Washington
  • Goethe-Institut-Washington
  • Historical Society of Washington, D.C.
  • Smithsonian Institution Office of Architectural History and Historic Preservation

​In Heilbronn, Germany:

  • ​Stadtarchive Heilbronn

​For more on the Cluss Project, see Cluss Project website, available in both English and German versions.

Includes photographic essays, and chapters on Cluss's designs of schools, markets, and museums, his engineering work, youth in Heilbronn and his revolutionary life before he became an architect.

​​​Dr. Joseph L. Browne,    jlbrowne41@gmail.com     720-883-7079

Dedication of Adolf Cluss Bridge  in Heilbronn

The collaboration between Heilbronn and Washington continued with the dedication of the Adolf Cluss Bridge in Heilbronn in 2006, and the regular updating of the Adolf Cluss website.

Adolf Cluss Project, 2001-2010, Was​hington, D.C. and Heilbronn, Germany

Bill Gilcher and I joined City Historian Peter Wanner at the opening of the Cluss  exhibition in Heilbronn.

The Washington's exhibition, "Adolf Cluss, from Germany to America: Shaping a Capital Worthy of a Republic" opened in September 2005 at the Charles Sumner School Museum and Archives, a Cluss building.

Both exhibitions employed many digital presentations. These visitors enjoyed viewing 19th-century stereographs of Washington with the aid of special 3D glasses.